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    :bulletblack:PLEASE READ OUR RULES. :bulletwhite:We've made them a simple as possible. You also kind of need to to join.

    :bulletblack:Current Mission :bulletwhite:None at the moment. We are currently remodeling.









HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE! I know it's been forever since anything was updated, but things have been very hectic. Taking a little pause to say how we aren't dead (totally looking at you :iconsuki-kitty: ) and hoping you will all be a little bit more active and maybe hope for new members. Particularly because of this:…

MIB3 comes out this year! Are any of you excited?! We sure are. We were a bit skeptical about the time travel plot, but the trailer looks great, so no reason to be horribly pessimistic about. At least we know they won't completely recycle the MIB cartoon time travel episode.

So reactions anyone? Are any of you still watching us?


Welcome one and all to the MiB Numerals! We are finally opened and taking applications to commence this sure to be fun massive crossover.

Now you are probably wondering what this is about. This a fan group dedicated to the MIB series by and inspired by Lowell Cunningham as a whole. This includes the most popular of the bunch, The MIB movie with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, to the most obscure one, the indie MIB comic books. It will mostly focus on the cartoon series with occasional crossovers to the other series. It is also a crazy crossover with any show, movie, and game that has aliens. This club turned into more of an interactive hub of the mod's own personal fan universe. Some of our current Agents, named The Numerals since we ran out of letters of the alphabet, include a Predator, a Tranformer, and a Time Lord. There is an explanation, but check out the Mission Briefing bellow for the actual excuse plot. If this looks like something you would be interested in doing, feel free to check out the links below to see what you need to do to get started.

:bulletblack:Character Guidelines
:bulletblack:RP Rules
:bulletblack:Submission Rules

Here are the chatrooms for the group.

:mib:The Field:mib:

MIB Coffee Lounge

If you would be so kind as to add the link for the group to your signature? To do so, please enter :dev MIBNumerals: without the space. Done correctly it will look like this MIBNumerals . We also ask if you could post our icon in your journal to help promote the group. Type :icon MIBNumerals: without the spaces and it should come out looking like this  


:iconcogaidh: and :iconoddconrad:
:iconglasspaladin: and :iconoreozombabe:
:iconjameson9101322: and :iconintricategoldfish:

The year is 2005. After a nearly catastrophic invasion by the Ixion, The MiB has taken drastic steps to strengthen the safety and security of Earth. Immigration laws are much harsher and visitation visas are even more difficult to acquire. All of this becomes insignificant when the "Hell Gate" explosion opens up a Rift through time and space, allowing millions of previously unknown alien species to wash up on this side of the Galaxy(Refer to Case 101).

MiB is now overwhelmed and understaffed. In an effort to bring order to the new found chaos and snuff the risk of exposure, they have recruited a record number of Agents. These new Agents, called the Numerals, are made up of both old a new aliens in the Galaxy. Are you up to the challenge?

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something you guys might like…
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Hello can i join your group ?
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Can I join?
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You're welcome to watch us, but we're kind of dead at the moment, which is a real shame. Life gets in the way of fun :) But if you'd like to play in our little AUniverse you're welcome to!
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Here come the Men in Black
It's the M.I.B.'s, uhh, here come the M.I.B.'s
Here come the Men in Black
They won't let you remember
Nah nah nah

The good guys dress in black remember that
Just in case we ever face to face and make contact
The title held by me - M.I.B.
Means what you think you saw, you did not see
So don't blink be what was there
Is now gone, black suit with the black Ray Ban's on
Walk in shadow, move in silence
Guard against extra-terrestrial violence
But yo we ain't on no government list
We straight don't exist, no names and no figerprints
Saw somethin strange, watch your back
Cause you never quite know where the M.I.B.'s is at
Uh and...

Here come the Men in Black (Men in Blaaaaack)
Galaxy defenders (oahhaooohh ohhhhh)
Here come the Men in Black (Men in Blaaaaack)
They won't let you remember

Uh uh, uh uh, now
From the deepest of the darkest of night
On the horizon, bright light enters sight tight
Cameras zoom, on the impending doom
But then like BOOM black suits fill the room up
With the quickness talk with the witnesses
Hypnotizer, neuralizer
Vivid memories turn to fantasies
Ain't no M.I.B.'s, can I please
Do what we say that's the way we kick it
Yaknahmean? I see my noisy cricket get wicked on ya
We're your first, last and only line of defense
Against the worst scum of the universe
So don't fear us, cheer us
If you ever get near us, don't jeer us, we're the fearless
M.I.B.'s, freezin up all the flack
(What's that stand for?) Men In Black

Uhh M
The Men in Black...
The Men in Black

Let me see ya just bounce it with me, just bounce with me
Just bounce it with me c'mon
Let me see ya just slide with me, just slide with me
Just slide with me c'mon
Let me see ya take a walk with me, just walk it with me
Take a walk with me c'mon
And make your neck work
Now freeze...

Here come the Men in Black (Men in Blaaaaack)
The galaxy defenders
Right on, right on
Here come the Men in Black (Men in Blaaaaack)
They won't let you rememberk (ohhhh nooooo)

Alright check it, let me tell you this in closin
I know we might seem imposin
But trust me if we ever show in your section
Believe me, it's for your own protection
Cause we see things that you need not see
And we be places that you need not be
So go witcha life, forget that Roswell crap
Show love to the black suit, cause that's the Men in
That's the Men in...

Here come the Men in Black (here they comeeeee)
The galaxy defenders (ga-la-xy de-fenders)
Here come the Men in Black (ohhhh here they come)
They won't let you remember (won't, let you, rememberrrr)
Here come the Men in Black (ohhhh here they come)
Galaxy defenders (ohh ohh, ohh ohh, ohh ohh)
Here come the Men in Black
They won't let you remember

Evometheus6082 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
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